Phone Bill Due To Buggy: $ 2700

Phone Bill Due To Buggy: $ 2700

Phone Bill Due To Buggy: $ 2700
An environmental protection agency in Poland probably did not think how expensive it would cost GPS Tracker (a device with a location that helps with the location).

According to the official radio agency, Radio Poland, the organization named Au Lojak, installed a GP tracker in a bugle body, should be investigated on the habits and behavior of the buggy but after some time the contact with the bug is disconnected. went.

The buggy set a 6,000-km journey, and reached the eastern Sudan, after which the Elej Logic ended the contact with the bird.

Talking to the newspaper, Express News, Aquo Logic representative said that GPS device got someone who took the SIM card in the device and put it in a personal phone and made 20-hour phone call.

As a result of these calls, Aqua Logic will have to pay around $ 2700.

With the help of GPS devices in Baggas body, Environmental Protection Institutions find a lot of help in which they can work for the survival of the birds.

This breeding breed of white buggy is no longer a threat, but in the past 50 years ago, industrialization caused its generation to reach near Europe.

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