Who are the three favorite social networks of teens?

Who are the three favorite social networks of teens?

Who are the three favorite social networks of teens?
If you’ve seen the movie ‘Da Social Network’ in 2010, you can identify these characters in Mark Zucker.

Facebook is no longer among the three most popular social networks in American youth. Can you guess which networks are these?

Schoolgirls are online for children because their friends are online and if one goes to them, the other goes away.

And at least the number of Americans has decreased.


Who are the three favorite social networks of teens?
Facebook is no longer the most popular social media site between teens, namely 13 to 17 years. The fact is that now it is not included in their three most popular sites.

The Pew Research Center revealed this week that these youngsters are now coming to YouTube and about 85 percent of the youth said they are using it.

Then there comes the Instagram and snap chat number.

Now Facebook is ranked fourth and only 51% of the youngsters are using it.
It has fallen by 20 percent in Facebook’s popularity since 2015.

But in recent research, it has been found that most of the lower income households prefer to be compared to those who belong to higher income homes.

More problems for Facebook?
Facebook may reduce the number of users.

In the beginning of this year, at the beginning of this year, this major company of technology had said that the number of users has increased since the first time its daily active consumers in the United States and Canada.

Daniel Research, GB Insight Analyst said, the recent research confirms the dominant assumption that has been shown for many days.

He said that during the last 18 months, the activity of youth on Facebook has decreased and they are leaving Facebook.
However, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zakir Berger acknowledged the change in the last quarter of 2017 that now less viral videos are coming and ‘daily fees are being done only five million hours’ ‘.

Associate Professor Heinjan Seu at the University of Canesus has been researching for some days how young people are using social media.

InstaGram and Snap Chat

He said that in comparison to Facebook there are several reasons why the youth snap chat and the installation of Instagram.

One of the main reasons is the presence of people of different age on Facebook, which often includes people of their parents and knowledge.

This is a platform on which news about important events of life rather than mail permanently.

He said: Some of us told us that they post a few minutes on facebook when their parents or grandparents Granny Nana Granny asks them to post some pictures. ‘

Seu says that on the other hand, platforms such as YouTube, Snap Chat and Instagram do the main space on the young population. His easy use and telephonic contact are more important in the use of these platforms in youth. ”

In the first quarter of the current year this year, Facebook’s daily pane has included five million users.

However, news website quarters have said that the company faces difficulties in finding new users and its subsidy is decreasing in the year to year.
In the beginning of this year, Facebook has announced that their priorities will include the News Feed, which will be a topic of discussion.

Izzz said in a broad focus: Facebook will have to pay attention to other ways to keep content, original streaming and engagement in order to bring the youth back, because there are such options in snap chat than that.

But Ejesus also said that it is not completely misleading because Facebook’s owned Instagram has attracted the population of young people around the world.

In 2012, since the acquisition of the Instagram, the number of installed users of Instagram has exceeded 80 million.

He said that “Buying it is one of the best strategies in the past decade of Zakarkg.”

* Prior to the survey conducted in the 2014-2014 and 2015, YouTube was not included as an option.

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